My Latest Purchase – Moustache Wax!

My Latest Purchase – Moustache Wax!

Hello all! As I said before, its been one hell of a long time since I last got in touch with you all. The good news is I am back and hopefully back for good. I’ve tried my best to restore things to how they were before, and of course you all know what that means. Brilliant content!

So let’s kick it all off again with something that a lot of the males in my readership would definitely appreciate. I want to discuss the fact that beards and facial hair are pretty commonplace nowadays. A lot of men from the ages 25+ seem to have them, and they even seem to be permissible and allowed in the workplace, and even in very corporate positions.

applying moustache wax

While I can’t explain this recent phenomenon (lord knows I’ve tried) I can tell you all about the different accessories and products that have spawned from it. During many of my random spates of internet surfing, I’ve come across a plethora of facial hair products from oils to balms and even waxes for your moustaches.

In fact, I was so intrigued by this so called moustache wax that I decided to try some out for myself.

I found some at the link provided above and quickly purchased it. Buying myself gifts is something I rarely do, but its good to spoil yourself once in a while, don’t you agree?

After it arrived at my home and I unboxed it, I was thrilled to try it on and see how effective it was at shaping and holding my moustache.

The result? 5 Stars! This stuff really did the trick and now I am using it everyday. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more of it because no doubt I could have got some sort of deal if I’d bought more in bulk. Oh well, at least its a lesson for next time!

Look Who it is

Look Who it is

Well Hello there. Funny seeing you here. How long has it been exactly?

To tell the truth, it feels as if it has been an eternity, but I’m pleased to announce that we are well and truly back now and are well in place to bring you our next most awesome piece of content yet. Come back here tomorrow to check it out!

Beard Shampoo – Your Hairy Face Needs This

Beard Shampoo – Your Hairy Face Needs This

To all of you out there that are sporting a fabulous beard right now, I have two words for you – beard shampoo. It is the single most important thing you need to ensure that your beard is as healthy, full and vibrant as possible. You might be wondering why I’m even bothering to talk about it.

Some of you may know that I don’t actually have a beard. To tell you the truth I couldn’t have one even if I tried. My face is the epitome of hairlessness. Even so, a great deal of my mates have started growing them. A lot of them have inevitably began using different products to help try and keep their beards in tact, and I’ve enjoyed taking note of all the different brands they have called upon.

As I’ve mentioned, although I haven’t tried any of these (there wouldn’t be any point) I already have a favourite when it comes to beard shampoo. This is simply because the packaging and design of the product is freaking cool. I really wanted to write a review about it, so I bought it just for my friend to try it out and tell me what he thought. All I can say is that the results he achieved were excellent.

shampoo in beard

Not only did his beard feel a hell of a lot cleaner, it also felt smoother which meant it was much easier to comb and style. A hands down win-win! I’m not sure how often you are supposed to use it, but he says he’s using it once a week, and although it’s almost unbelievable it’s effect really does last that long.

He had such high praise for it that it makes me sad that at the moment there is no way I will be able to use it and test it out for myself. Maybe my next review will be on some beard growth-enhancing product as that is certainly what I’m on the lookout for now!

Never Fear!

Never Fear!

Never fear, there is much more from me to come. In fact I’ve been spending my time recently trying out a number of facial grooming products (I’ve grown a beard you see) and I think it’s about time I share my new found revelations with the world. Tune in again soon to find out everything I have to say.

Vitamin C Serum – What’s All The Fuss About?

Vitamin C Serum – What’s All The Fuss About?

You’re back on the Moon Mist website and reading our brand new post but a so called miracle product – none other than Vitamin C Serum. I’m sure a great deal of you have heard about it. It’s been featured on many TV programs and chat shows and has been hailed as the best supplement cure for ageing.

Whether or not all of these claims are 100% true, I still wanted to try this stuff out for myself and see what all the fuss was about. As it’s quite a controversial product (a lot of people strongly refute that it has any major effects on your skin) I realised that the best place to buy some would undoubtedly be online.

Amazon did a very swift job of obliging me and I quickly found the vitamin c serum for me. It had a huge amount of reviews, some of which I delved into a bit and read to myself. They really gave a good insight as to what I could expect from the product as soon as it arrived and I’d started using it.

vitamin c serum made from oranges

So what was the outcome, I hear you asking? As I said, the reviews were very positive so I really had high hopes for this product. The truth is it didn’t fail to deliver at all. It had a considerable, and noticeable effect on the look and feel of my skin. No word of a lie!

At first I began to use it purely on the skin on my arms. Once I was confident that it worked and had a good effect, I started also applying it to my face, and even the bags beneath my eyes. There has been a noticeable improvement, but the main thing to remember is to keep using it! I genuinely feel that I am looking younger and younger each day, so I can guarantee that I won’t stop using it anytime soon.

Lemon Oil – My Overall Thoughts

Lemon Oil – My Overall Thoughts

You’re probably well aware now that this blog is going to be about anything and everything. The question I’ve been posing myself recently is, what exactly makes a blog interesting? What sets the good and bad ones apart?

The answer I think lies somewhere between well written and interesting content, and something that really makes you think and reflect. I’m not much of a storyteller, so I thought one thing I could do that is fairly interesting (or at least I think it is) is reviewing products.

I hate to admit it, but I am a bit of a shopping fiend, especially when it comes to the web and websites like Amazon and eBay. So, the next question I had to ask myself was what should I review? I’m judging that since you’re reading this sentence, you’ve also read the title and already know exactly what I’m going to be reviewing. Despite this I’d like to tell you how I came to this conclusion.

There are so many things I could have written a review about as I’ve bought a whole host of items even in the last month alone. But the lemon essential oil I purchased really blew me away so I want to share that with you.

Lemon Oil

First off, the thing that impressed me the most about this item is the sheer amount of things you can use it for. It’s completely insane! I guess I should tell you why I bought it in the first place. In the summertime my skin gets fairly irritable, and this summer I was determined to prevent it from happening again. I read that essential oils are a great way of curing itchy skin and eventually went for lemon oil, as I love the smell of lemons.

It wasn’t until this thing arrived in the post and I read the instruction manual that I realised it could do a crazy amount of other things too. I imagine the easiest way for me to tell you is to just list them off.

So, did you know that lemon oil can also be used in the bath, or in your washing machine to make your clothes smell even fresher. That’s not the end of it. It is a natural disinfectant, which means you can use it on the surfaces in your home that are likely to have germs on them. It’s also great for cleaning and polishing, repelling insects, using as a hand wash and even whitening your teeth. How mad is that?

All of this, and it comes in a sizeable bottle for a minuscule price. That alone should be enough to convince you to buy it.